3 reasons you should stay low while ball handling


1. Protection

When you’re closer to the ground, the ball has less distance to travel from your hand to the floor. With that being said, the ball spends more time in your hand and less time out in space. This limits the defender’s ability to steal it from your possession. The longer you can have the ball in your team’s possession, the more opportunities you will have to score and potentially win.

2. Quickness

You should never wait on the ball to be back in your hands to make your next sprint or step. Dribbling low will put you in an athletic stance and this will put you in a better position to react and increase your ability to act quickly.


3. Accuracy


Dribbling tall and trying to make moves can be challenging, you have to pass the ball further and higher around your body while trying to avoid your legs and hips. While playing tall, a simple crossover becomes much more difficult as the target you are passing to is much further away than when playing low. To decrease the amount of errors you make on the court stay low to the ground.

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